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Arba Minch (Amharic, "forty springs") is a city in southern Ethiopia; less common names for this city include Gantar and Minghi. Located in Gamo Gofa Zone of the Southern Nations and Nationalities bout 500 kilometers south of Addis Ababa at an elevation of 1285 meters above sea level. It is the largest town in Arba Minch Woreda. Arba Minch received its name for the abundant local Springs which produce a Ground water forest. Besides the forty springs crossing the town is a river kulfo; which is used by the local people for washing cloths and farming. Located at the base of the western side of the, Arba Minch consists of the uptown Administrtive Center of Shecha and 4 kilometers away the downtown commercial and residential areas of Sikela, which are connected by a paved road. On the eastern side of Sikela is the gate to Nechi-sar National Park, which covers the cape between Lake Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south. Buses and taxis connect the uptown and downtown parts; both parts have schools.














The Nech Sar ("White grass") National Park is, even though often not easy to access with cars, a beautiful scenic spot and wild animals, especially Zebras and Gazelles, can be spotted there.


Arba Minch was connected by dry-weather roads until they were upgraded in 1966. The town also has Airport. A telephone line connecting the town to the capital, costing 250,000 birr, was turned up on 15 July 1967. According to the SNNPR's Bureau of Finance and Economic Development, as of 2003 other facilites in Arba Minch include postal service, 24-hour electrical service, a bank and a hospital servies. Arba Minch is known as a source for fruit, including mango, banana, orange, apple, guava and pineapple, and is also known for its fish farms. The town also has Airport.








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